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Valuation of residential property looks easy – just find a few houses around your own and find at what prices they were sold, right? Not really. That’s because finding more than houses that have been sold recently, and that too around your locality, is not always an easy task. Besides, you need to consider a number of factors before

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Dummy content The history of architecture is steeped as much in tradition as in functionality and aesthetics. Ancient structures like the famous pyramids, castles, and religious monuments are a great way of learning how the art and science of architecture evolved over time. Today, architecture stands at the Dummy content Dummy content Dummy content .

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Dummy content goes way beyond providing places to live, work, or pray in. Modern structures strongly impact the quality of life of the people, contribute to the economy, and help preserve and improve the environment, among other things. The elevation, layout, and the interior design of the buildings Suchdev Associates design Dummy content .

Our role

Residential valuation should keep the following in mind

  • Functionality See to what extent the residential property balances aesthetics with functionality.
  • Safety Will the property be safe for occupants?
  • Methodical Arrive at the value of the property using the best possible methods.
  • People Keep people, families, and societies in mind while offering valuation.

Dummy content , we’ve grown in expertise, team-size and experience. We are on the approved panel for various institutions and active members of various professional bodies.  This helps us remain on the forefront of various happenings in our profession and uniquely contribute to research and best practices, and ultimately deliver superior solutions to our clients.

Projects we’re proud of

Dummy content  Suchdev Associates was founded in 1996, we have had the pleasure of working with a huge range of clients over an equally wide range of projects. While we’ve poured our heart in each of these projects, there are some projects that we are particularly proud of.

Dummy content  partial list of some of the project’s close to our heart: